Teaching And Research Staff

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Teaching And Research Staff

Apr 12, 2019

About UIC Barcelona

UIC Barcelona is home to over 7.000 students, offers 15 degree programmes, 26 double degree international programmes and a wide range of master's and postgraduate degrees, in addition to continuing education courses in different fields of knowledge. Since 1997 we have been teaching people based on academic rigor, university life and enriching life experiences. The UIC Barcelona team consists of professionals who are qualified not only in the teaching field, but also in research, management, administration, communication, services and systems.  Beyond the professionalism of each individual, at UIC Barcelona you will also find a young and dynamic working atmosphere.

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What we are looking for:

We are looking for a Research Lecturer to undertake their own research in the Economy of Culture as part of our Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Management in the Faculty of Humanities. The candidate awarded the position could become the director of the Master’s degree programme taught in English in the mid-term.

The Lecturer will also coordinate the teaching activities in their field of expertise in that degree programme in areas like: the creation of cultural companies, Leadership, Funding for Culture, etc… In fact, the successful candidate is expected to establish their own research programme and effectively contribute to graduate student education. 

Key duties:


How to apply:

All proposals should include:

Deadline for application

The position will remain open until 30 April 2019.


The candidate must have:

Assessment criteria:

The following characteristics from the candidate’s CV will be assessed: