Announcing 2020 AAAE Conference Webinar Series: 2020 Vision for Student Success

AAAE Newsroom

The in-person 2020 AAAE Conference (May 28-30 at Baruch College, NYC) has been cancelled, but the AAAE Board has decided the 2020 conference will proceed virtually as a series of webinars to be held over the course of several weeks starting in May through June.

AAAE Leadership opted for this format to alleviate the need for attendees to sit in front of their computers for 16+ hours across a two day period. Moving to an online webinar series will also provide ease of scheduling, allowing more people to tune in and engage instead of watching a recording at a later date.

We hope you will be interested in attending! Here are some details:

  • Attendance will be FREE for all
  • Several webinar sessions will be offered each week starting in May
  • We hope to launch the sessions with a keynote kick-off webinar
  • We will use advance registration for each session
  • All webinars will be recorded and shared on the AAAE websites
  • We will offer a variety of webinar sessions and formats: Some sessions will be bundled with other related sessions, and others will stand alone.
  • All you will need for tuning in is a screen and a stable internet connection.
  • Attendees tuning in live will be able to engage with their presenters and participate in interactive sessions. (We are using the Zoom Webinar tool)
  • I will share a webinar program/schedule in the coming weeks.

CONFERENCE THEME – 2020 Vision for Student Success!

As the field of arts administration continues to grow and evolve, what skills do students of arts management need to succeed on campus and once they join the workforce? How do we adequately prepare the next generation of arts managers for their professional work via pedagogical approaches and other forms of support?

Utilizing the cultural assets of New York City, and drawing from the significant population of arts management practitioners who dwell there, we hope to identify and explore the critical skills needed for success.

The Conference Planning Committee envisions three constituency groups of participants in the Conference: (1) Student/Alumni Engagement & Professional Development, (2) Practitioner and Professional Perspectives and (3) Research/Scholar & Academic Models.