Educator Resources

Get started in arts administration education

There are a variety of paths to arts administration academia, and we know that new programs and courses in arts administration dsiciplines are being established at a rapid pace. This page provides a brief overview of AAAE resources most relevant to instructors who might be encountering AAAE, or arts administration education, for the first time. 


Start with the Standards
The graduate and undergraduate program standards are perfect for designing a course or familiarizing yourself with the building blocks of arts administration education.


What is Arts Administration?
There's helpful content here for explaining our field to those who might have a vague understanding of what it is, or what graduates might go on to do. 


Is there a book on that? (available to members--please join!)
Browse our members' favorite publications for teaching and enrichment purposes.


What about arts case studies?
We recommend checking out The Wallace Foundation's collection of cases featuring arts organizations across the country that successfully reinvented their audience building practices. 


What are AAAE members up to, and what are they talking about?
Our Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and Social Wall will all give you a pretty good idea. You can also take a look at the content from some of our previous conferences. 


How are other people teaching ______? (available to members--please join!)
View the member-curated content repository, which features teaching resources, videos, and more. 


Cases in the Classroom
Through a multi-year partnership, AAAE and The Wallace Foundation have developed higher education accompaniments to the Foundation’s audience development research.


What other organizations might have resources?
Americans for the Arts
Association of Performing Arts Presenters
Data Arts
Grantmakers In the Arts
PAVE Symposium